Pandemic Ventures

This is a true story
about our humble company

We Are PANDEMIC, You build it, Together we create it.
Building a company is hard and so is gathering the funds.

About Pandemic

At PANDEMIC we are all about building for the long-term. We want our Angel Investors and Companies to be happy and we are changing the face of VC’s in the UK with our unique model that sees Angel Investors getting steady yearly or semi-annual returns with our partners at Blackmann Private Equity.

Since 2015 we’ve funded 10 early-stage tech startups, backing over 15 founders.

We also have a mission to Ignite Leaders in this generation and the next through mentoring programs as well as Keynote events with our partners at CultureHeroes.

Email us at for more info.

Let’s create a PANDEMIC together.


  • 2011   ·   The idea of a PV we validate ideas and find funding.
  • 2012   ·   Faithful meeting with a Hedge Fund.
  • 2015   ·   Pandemic is formed.
  • 2016   ·   Helped 8 start-ups in our 1st Year.
  • 2020   ·   Partnership signed with Blackmann Private Equity.
  • 2020   ·   Became clients of Gerald Edelman.
  • 2020   ·   Became clients of Lewis Silkin.

We Support #MAKINGBLACKLIVESMATTER | We Support NHS Charities with PPE for Staff

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