Pandemic Ventures

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list of consultancy services


We consult on the design of the product or services with the support of our partners


We help with the build of the technology stack the how and why tools for the product or service


With the help of our media partners, we hold process labs to help to choose what is the best form of media to use


Buzz word of our current times, we help to de-haze the haze and help you understand it


We consult on the brand identity the meaning of your company and who you want people to see your company as


We don’t do this in the house but we partner with one of the worlds leading technology companies

Some of the companies we have worked with

Google | AnalogFolk | Mondo | Crowdcube

GPMI Consulting | Valicity | Yieldify | NewWave

Gerald Edelman | Lewis Silkin | PRSNL.HB

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